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20 million euros for Jedox: eCAPITAL IV, Iris Capital and Wecken & Cie. invest in enterprise performance management company

Many companies are still struggling to digitize their business processes. Iris Capital, one of the leading European venture capital companies, is investing in Jedox, a world-class software solution that helps enterprises with their digital transformation. Iris Capital will invest along with eCAPITAL IV and Wecken & Cie. a total of 20 million euros. This funding will be used to accelerate Jedox’s global expansion and product development.

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German steel giant and gas industry company partner with industrial anomaly detection company for reliable production 4.0

Saarstahl and Verbundnetz Gas join eCAPITAL AG and Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen as partners of Leipzig-based technology company Rhebo and invest millions through their subsidiaries SHS Ventures and VNG Innovation. The participation enables further advancement and market penetration of the industrial anomaly detection to protect Industrial Control Systems against technical malfunctions and cyberattacks.

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With Open Source software against the global surveillance state - eCAPITAL portfolio company Open-Xchange featured in FAZ

In Olpe in the Sauerland as well as in Hamburg and Nuremberg developers are working to disturb the large American internet companies like Microsoft, Google or Facebook. How those companies handle the data of their users, angers Rafael Laguna.

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Jedox Continues Growth and Triples Cloud Business in 2017

Jedox AG, a portfolio company of eCAPITAL and leading provider of integrated Enterprise Planning and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software solutions, shared details of its achievements in 2017: Jedox was able to triple its cloud business across all regions, adding over 200 new enterprise customers.

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"Even those who have nothing to hide have a right to privacy"

Interview by Süddeutsche Zeitung with Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange

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sonnen forms strategic alliance for energy storage systems with the government of South Australia

The state of South Australia will subsidise the purchase of solar power and energy storage systems with over 100 million dollars. With sonnen as its technology partner, the project plans to establish the world’s largest virtual battery. sonnen will also invest in a new production facility in South Australia; for its part, the government will support the purchase of locally produced storage batteries.

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sonnen connects thousands of electric vehicles (EVs) via a large-scale virtual power plant, enabling up to 15,000 km of free power per year for sonnenCommunity members

The sonnenCharger makes energy from solar generation accessible for EVs and largely frees drivers from the costs of petrol and grid electricity. For the first time, it simultaneously connects EVs to a large-scale virtual power plant, integrating them as a flexible load in the power grid.

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eCAPITAL portfolio company Open-Xchange on German television ARD

The number of cyber threats is steadily growing; just last year, ransomware cost businesses about $1 billion. Back in May 2017, when the malware "Wanna Cry" first appeared, the topic reached its temporary climax: within a very short time the malicious program spread in over 100 countries and caused immense damage to hundreds of thousands of Windows computers. The question of how and why "Wanna Cry" paralyzed companies, hospitals and even intelligence agencies around the world was pursued by...

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sonnen and Energeticum expand partnership to promote mutual growth

The sonnen group, a portfolio company of eCAPITAL AG and the world’s leading manufacturer of energy storage systems, is acquiring shares in Energeticum Energiesysteme GmbH in Balzhausen. The aim is for the long-term partners to work more closely together in order to expand their position as market leaders and grow in the Allgäu region.

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Jedox Launches Next Generation Integrated Planning Software ‘Jedox 7.1’ Featuring New Marketplace

Jedox AG, a portfolio company of eCAPITAL AG and a leading vendor of Enterprise Planning and Business Intelligence software, announced global availability of its new major release “Jedox 7.1”. With new and enhanced features around data modeling, planning and analytics for Excel, Web, and Mobile, 3rd party integration, as well as secure cloud deployment, Jedox 7.1 is designed to simplify and speed-up integrated planning tasks for both application designers and business users. The centerpiece is...

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