Corporate Business Principles

1. Our shared aim is to steady establish eCAPITAL as a leading Venture Capital firm in Germany, with outstanding and sustainable performance. 

2. As a team we have many years of exceptional experience in complementary fields to ensure our aim, and constantly ameliorate ourselves.  

3. We closely follow the pulse of the market and continuously grow the top-ranking, high-quality network we can draw from.  

4. Whatever we do is focussed on the long-term strategic positioning of our start-up companies and their above-average growth and profitability, and thus the success of our investors and of eCAPITAL. 

5. We are innovative and capable of agile decision making. We pride ourselves on the courage to tread new paths. 

6. We work as a team of accepted members, and are aware of the fact that the best results are always achieved as a team. Frankness, trust, mutual support, and absolute reliability are prerequisites in this. 

7. We are a demanding, but always fair partner to our start-up companies, investors and other business contacts.