New Materials

We help to create something new

Accelerated by short product lifecycles and the trends in environmental sustainability and driven by research and high-priced markets such as aerospace and medical technology, the development of novel materials offers great value generation potential. 

Due to superior properties compared to conventional materials, novel materials are often a significant and promising basis for the development of new products ideas and applications across a wide range of focus areas. 

Hence, in particular technology and chemical corporate groups are showing great interest in new materials and are presenting such specific topics in their development roadmaps. Taking into consideration the possibility of cross-sectoral applications as well as the interest of large corporate groups that makes them clear exit channels, eCAPITAL recognizes the great economic potential of the New Materials area and considers it an interdisciplinary topic, which time and again offers interesting opportunities for investment.

eCAPITAL currently invests in the New Materials segment out of its fund „eCAPITAL IV“ which was successfully closed end of 2017 with a volume of € 100.6 million.

Ticket Sizes:

  • Initial investment eCAPITAL: € 1 million - € 4 million
  • Total investment through follow-on financings: up to € 15 million


  • Seed
  • Series A
  • Series B