Software / IT

We invest into digital change.

The digital world is undergoing rapid and comprehensive transformations. Drivers of these changes are the advances in IT infrastructures an the new availability of affordable transmission capacities. There are two overarching trends impelling these changes: 

Firstly, the user behaviour has changed. The transition from the stationary personal computer via laptop, smart phones, and tablet computers leads to major changes throughout the "IT ecosystem" (hardware, operating systems, applications). The trend towards mobility is further accelerated by the upgrading of mobile networks and the availability of higher-quality content for mobile devices. Already today smart phone sales outnumber those of stationary computers. The increasing mobility is driving a further, far-reaching change in the IT landscape: the on-demand use of applications and storage solutions in the form of cloud computing. 

Secondly, the explosive growth of digital data in private and commercial applications (e.g. in genetic engineering or social networks) poses unprecedented challenges to the IT infrastructure and data processing. High data volumes of different origins and structures ("big data“) must be delivered to an increasing number of (different) devices - increasingly in real-time. In order to meet these requirements databases must be scalable across data centres and across continents and new solutions for data storage and processing must be provided. 

After the USA, Japan and China, Germany is now the fourth largest national market in the world. With a total volume of more than € 150 billion, it also represents the most important national market in Europe. This implies that the German IT sector now generates a higher value than the domestic automotive industry. In terms of sales, it is also larger than the traditional sector of mechanical engineering. 

At eCAPITAL, we see challenges in the following areas along the above-described changes and growth drivers: 

  • Cloud computing and the related "as a Service" solutions in the area software and infrastructure.
  • Big Data and the related challenges in data management and storage.
  • (Mobile) business intelligence solutions for enterprises and in the analysis of user data, for example for the purpose of digital marketing (e.g. mobile analytics).

We invest into entrepreneurs who share our opinion and which together with us are eager to master the challenges of the digital world.

eCAPITAL currently invests in the segments of Software/ IT/ Cybersecurity out of its funds „eCAPITAL IV“ and „eCAPITAL Cybersecurity“. The successful final closing of eCAPITAL IV took place at end ot 2017 and the final closing of eCAPITAL Cybersecurity at end of 2018. The total volume of both funds together amounts to more than € 130 million.

Ticket Sizes:

  • Initial investment eCAPITAL: € 1 million - € 4 million
  • Total investment through follow-on financings: up to € 15 million


  • Seed
  • Series A
  • Series B