Energy supply of the future

Whitsunday last year showed that the amount of electrical power generated solely by wind and sun is able to cover the entire demand of Germany. An important role in the future supply of electrical power plays eCAPITAL’s portfolio company sonnen GmbH in Wildpoldsried.

sonnen successfully produces storage systems for private households, links them together to form a decentralized virtual power plant and thereby produces a self-supporting energy community which manages its power demands completely without conventional suppliers. Sonnen’s disruptive approach has not only been awarded numerous prizes by industry experts (e.g. Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer, 50 Smartest Companies MIT Technology Review, Zayed Future Energy Prize), in the beginning of 2017 it also draws attention from the media as can be seen by notable publications in the newspaper FAZ on January 23rd, in the magazine CAPITAL and in the magazine Handelsblatt focusing on the special topic “Energy Industry 4.0”.

Click here to read a translated version of the article from Handelsblatt.

Click here to read the original FAZ article in German.

About sonnen
At sonnen, we believe clean, affordable, and reliable energy for all is one of the greatest challenges of our time. With 15,000 sonnenBatterie systems installed worldwide, sonnen Group is a proven global leader in intelligent energy management solutions that provide greater energy control for residential and commercial customers through increased solar self-consumption, reduced peak energy usage and reliable backup power during outages – contributing to a cleaner and more reliable energy future. sonnen has won several awards for its energy innovations and sonnenBatterie products, including MIT’s Technology Review’s 50 Smartest Companies 2016, Cleantech Global 100 for 2015 and 2016, Greentech Media’s 2016 Grid Edge Award for innovation, and Cleantech’s 2015 Company of the Year Award in both Israel and Europe.

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