sonnen boosts sales by 150% in October thanks to high demand for energy services and strong business in foreign markets

sonnen boosts sales by 150% in October thanks to high demand for energy services and strong business in foreign markets

The sonnen Group set a new monthly record in October. Supplying 1,450 sonnenBatterie units, sonnen saw its monthly sales grow by 150% year-on-year, with turnover reaching almost EUR 8 million in October alone.

This huge increase is down partly to demand in the German market, where the option to combine self-consumption from the sonnenBatterie with the new energy services of the sonnenCommunity, such as power sharing or the sonnenFlat tariff, was particularly successful.

Electricity prices in Germany reached a new high this year, making self-consumption an increasingly worthwhile proposition. With a photovoltaic system and a sonnenBatterie, a household can already meet around 75% of its own power requirements and therefore become largely independent of rising electricity prices.

‘Today, however, self-consumption of electricity is no longer the only factor that attracts customers to us. They find it exciting to be part of a new world of energy in which they can share their electricity with other people or help make the grid more stable with their storage system. By doing so, they are supporting the creation of a clean energy supply or helping to reduce further grid expansion. At the same time, it also gives them access to completely new sources of income,’ says Philipp Schröder, Sales and Marketing Director at sonnen.

Approximately 80% of all customers now choose to take up an energy service from sonnen in addition to a sonnenBatterie. In the sonnenCommunity, they can exchange electricity with other members and thereby achieve total independence from large energy suppliers. With sonnenFlat, members can even consume electricity completely free of charge. In return, sonnenBatterie owners can use their energy storage systems to help balance out grid fluctuations at the same time.

sonnen is also breaking completely new ground in a recent pilot project with grid operator TenneT, in which the storage systems of the sonnenCommunity compensate for bottlenecks in the grid using a blockchain for the first time. This project is also receiving a great deal of interest from customers wishing to take part.

Italy, Australia and the USA are the biggest foreign markets

In addition to a high level of demand in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH) region, foreign business has also improved sharply, with rising sales in Italy, Australia and the USA in particular.

‘Our investment in new markets from a very early stage is now paying off, as these markets are currently seeing very positive development. This is only the beginning, however, as clean and affordable energy will ultimately be relevant to consumers in every country. In addition to our current activities abroad, we are already seeing completely new markets opening up,’ says Philipp Schröder.

Only recently, sonnen announced its entry into the Philippine and Malaysian markets in partnership with Natural Solar. However, sonnenBatterie units are also being supplied to a growing number of European countries, such as the Scandinavian countries, the Czech Republic and Spain.

The energy services are also enjoying increasing demand abroad. In the USA, October saw the green light for the first project aimed at establishing the sonnenCommunity, just a few months after sonnen launched its sonnenFlat tariff in Australia this July.

About sonnen
The sonnen Group is one of the fastest growing companies in Germany. In a ranking of the “Top 50 Smartest Companies 2016” by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), sonnen was listed alongside Amazon, Facebook and Tesla. Investors in the Bavarian company include the US technology corporation General Electric. sonnen already supplies over 100,000 people globally with energy. The sonnenCommunity is an online network based on the blockchain idea for sharing self-generated power.

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