BrandMaker GmbH

BrandMaker offers an innovative Marketing Automation solution which enables B2B enterprises to orchestrate their marketing activities and create meaningful customer engagements, thus generating more qualified leads.

Starting in 2008, Karlsruhe-based BrandMaker GmbH offers an integrated marketing software platform that enables enterprises to optimize their marketing operations and generate meaningful customer engagements, resulting in truly qualified leads. BrandMaker is the first company that finally bridges the gap between marketing and  sales. The modular software is underpinned with a profound marketing methodology (The Customer Engagement Framework) and offers an end-to-end solution from planning to personalized customer engagement for optimised lead generation, i. e. nurturing and qualification capabilities at scale. B2B marketers are equipped with a highly automated solution to develop compelling content, customize it according to the prospect’s respective buying stage and ensure a consistent delivery across all channels. As a result, all leads passed on to sales have a much higher closing probability, which significantly reduces attrition in the sales funnel.

Praised as “the best product of its type” by leading industry analyst Gartner, BrandMaker has been an international leader in Marketing Resource Management (MRM) for over a decade. Owing to its strong and continuous focus on innovation, BrandMaker also made it on Forrester’s list of “Strong Performers” in the rapidly evolving market of “Through-Channel Marketing Automation Platforms”.

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