CREAPAPER GmbH has developed an innovative raw material for paper production that is made mostly out of grass fiber. By using grass instead of wood as the raw material for paper, a much more sustainable and economical production is achieved. Today, CREAPAPER acts as a raw material supplier for paper mills. 

With its innovative process, CREAPAPER has developed an innovative raw material solution for the paper industry. The product is fabricated mainly out of grass fiber and thus provides a complementary alternative to conventional wood pulp as input material for paper production. Using grass instead of wood fiber as raw material enables a much more sustainable and economic paper production.

The CREAPAPER innovation revolutionizes the paper industry as almost every paper mill in the world, from small to industrial scale is now able to produce paper with up to 50 % grass content. By substituting traditional wood pulp with the fast regrowing raw material, CO2 emissions are decreased by up to 75%. CREAPAPER has won several awards, such as the KfW Entrepreneurs' Award 2017, where CREAPAPER was awarded the title of National Winner.

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