Ferroelectric Memory GmbH

Ferroelectric Memory GmbH (FMC) develops and markets innovative non-volatile memory solutions, in particular embedded memories for microcontrollers and systems-on-a-chip (SoC), addressing one of the key hardware challenges of the IoT era.

On the one hand – driven by the global trend towards digitization, automation and networking – billions of devices are being equipped with an increasing number of microcontrollers. On the other hand, increasingly higher demands are placed on these memories with regard to the scalability, number of write cycles and duration of the data storage even under extreme environmental conditions.

Patented Ferroelectric Field Effect Transistor (FeFET) technology utilizes the ferroelectric property of hafnium oxide (HfO2) to transform CMOS logic transistors into efficient nonvolatile memory devices. FeFETs can be integrated into existing production lines without major changes or investment, since hafnium oxide is already the industry standard as an insulator material. Compared to the current industry standard, the eFlash technology, the manufacturing process is much simpler, which can drastically reduce production costs.

More information: www.ferroelectric-memory.com

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