Geo-En is an innovative Berlin-based company that provides turnkey high-tech heating and cooling solutions utilizing geothermal energy. Geo-En holds internationally registered patents for its high capacity, space efficient, single-borehole technology, such as the Compact Super-Well and the Compact Integral Well, and its geothermal energy management system. A team of highly qualified and competent specialists, including geologists, engineers, project managers, planners, economists and data-processing specialists work together to develop, design and deliver custom solutions according to the industry´s highest innovation and efficiency standards. The team draws on their combined expertise and experience in designing over 400 geothermal installations worldwide.

At Geo-En, we aim to create only the perfect and most economical solution for every project.  We are committed to providing quality and reliability in the design, construction and installation of every project. We offer our customers continuous expert advice and after sales services. You can count on Geo-En as a trusted partner for your project – expertise right from the planning and conceptualization phase and throughout the installation, operation and maintenance of the system. Supported by a reliable network of leading engineers, heating and air-conditioning specialists, heat pump manufacturers, well construction specialists and energy advisers, we guarantee the optimal design and production of high technology heating and cooling solutions for our customers.

Geo-En is based in Berlin and the company´s project portfolio extends across Germany, Europe and overseas.

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