Heliathek GmbH has made it its goal to introduce organic solar cells on the market and to transfer them to mass production.

The company uses a patented tandem cell technology which - by means of a vacuum process - enables the cost-effective and efficient reel-to-reel production of large-scale, flexible, very light and particularly transparent PV-modules on foil. This will allow future markets for mobile applications, architectural solutions and for the independent provision of energy in regions with a weak infrastructure to be developed.

In addtion, the system costs of photovoltaic plants are expected to be significantly reduced due to low production and installation costs, Heliatek has set several efficiency records for organic solar cells, with the latest one achieving a certified efficiency rate of 12.0% on an active area of 1.1cm2 in January of 2013. 

In 2009, eCAPITAL invested in Heliathek through the eCAPITAL III fund; which specializes in Cleantech investments. Further investors include BASF Venture Capital GmbH, Robert Bosch GmbH, RWE Innogy Ventures and Wellington Partners, to name a few.

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