INMATEC Technologies

With the further development of special technologies in the production of ceramic granulate for injection molding, INMATEC has created an exceptional position for itself on a worldwide scale. The company is able to produce standard as well as custom-developed injection molding compounds on the basis of various mineral powders.

Through the incorporation of plastic additives, the customer receives a granulate which he can process with injection molding machines similar to those common in the plastics sector.

For the ceramic sector, this means that processes can now be automated and components can be molded in a way that wasn't previously possible.

eCAPITAL invested in INMATEC Technologies GmbH, with headquarters in Rheinbach, in March of 2003.

In 2012 G&F Chatelain S.A. (Chanel-Group) took part as strategic investor in INMATEC Technlogies GmbH.


Bild Copyright: STUDIO ERNST, Rheinbach

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