SmartHouse GmbH, founded in Bünde, Germany in 2008, is a supplier of innovative, modular living space and workspace. The constructed modules, with a high percentage of identical parts, comply with the highest levels of requirements concerning quality and energy efficiency and are built individually according to customer demands and are ready for occupancy in only 8 weeks.

The modules developed and produced by SmartHouse can be quickly and cost-effectively combined with each other at will in order to meet the demands of changing living conditions or to create high quality living space or work space quickly and simply. The individual modules are ready for occupancy upon delivery, and can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of hours. The innovative design and the special wall structure as well as the use of natural materials provide a pleasant living environment with very good thermal and acoustic insulation.

These smart houses can be used as private living space, holiday homes, garden sheds, guest houses, additions to the main house, office space or as an exceptional event location. Construction for handicapped accessibility (e.g. for older-generation-friendly living) is also possible. Even larger buildings like retirement homes can be built quickly and individually.

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