Sonnen GmbH

Sonnen GmbH is manufacturer of innovative storage solutions.

The company from Wildpoldsried in Allgäu has many years of experience with battery storage technologies and, as a pioneer in the industry, has already sold over 3,000 storage systems in Germany since 2011.

The Sonnen lets you use, store and regulate your solar power intelligently. It is fully automatic with an integrated active energy manager for maximum user convenience.

The Sonnen (Solarbattery) is a complete lithium storage system in Germany and has been successfully, efficiently and reliably used in a vast number of homes, farms, and commercial businesses since 2010. 

The Sonnen lets you supply your own electricity and reduce your power bill by up to 90%. It gives you a complete overview of your electricity generation and consumption anywhere and anytime; just use your Sonnenbatterie app or any internet access. 

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