Sweepatic NV

Sweepatic is an innovative data driven cybersecurity venture and operates on a global scale. Their reconnaissance platform discovers and analyses attack surfaces and examines their exposures to attacks. Through the platform, an extra pair of eyes on the outside is activated, discovering and monitoring external attack surfaces for exposure.

The increase of cybercrime - and thus the importance of cybersecurity - is driven by the exponential growth of digital assets and their connectivity. Any organization relies on a variety of digital systems in their day-to-day operations, inevitably creating a lot of opportunities for bad actors. Attack surfaces are becoming large and very complex and organizations don’t always realize their exposure.

Sweepatic’s unique cybersecurity reconnaissance platform discovers and monitors companies’ attack surfaces 24/7 across the world. By monitoring and reporting on all internet-facing assets of its customers at large scale, Sweepatic produces actionable insights and helps customers to be more informed, pro-active and resilient against cyber-attacks.

For more information visit: www.sweepatic.com

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