temicon GmbH

temicon develops and manufactures high-quality micro- and nanostructured products. Since its foundation in 2005, the company has established a unique technology platform for manufacturing customized micro- and nanostructured surfaces and components featuring various unique selling propositions.

Micro- and nanostructured, functional surfaces on products and components rapidly find their way into numerous areas of application. For most applications the patterning aims at increased energy efficiency, reduced materials usage or new functionalities. For instance, temicon's technology can be used to evenly distribute LED-light on large surfaces (e-Reader, displays, lighting elements in modern architecture) using light guide film. Micro membranes of temicon are used in systems for filtration or separation of cells or bacteria, for example, in medical diagnostics and food industries. These are only two examples of a variety of products and areas of application.

Working closely with customers from around the world, temicon's products are developed and manufactured at the company's sites in Dortmund and Freiburg (holotoolsTM). The achievements made in the development of prototypes and small-scale production are now gradually leading towards serial production, thus offering excellent growth prospects for the company.

For more information see www.temicon.de

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