TURBINA ENERGY AG is a company based in Unterhaching, near Munich, which specializes in the production and distribution of micro wind turbines (<20kW) as well as solar hybrid systems. Since 2006 a team of engineers has been developing small-scale wind turbine systems with a vertical axis and a stator, and, among other things, the first micro wind turbine that can be operated in both strong and light wind conditions.

The turbines – made in Germany – achieve a start-up speed of 1.5m/s for electricity generation, which is the best value worldwide, and guarantee operation in wind peaks of up to 200km/h. Unparalleled low noise emission values of 34dB(A) and safety for humans and animals provide installation possibilities with almost no restrictions. The installation on rooftops in residential and industrial areas can sometimes be carried out without prior formal permission, as no noise nor vibrations are generated whatsoever. A patented combination of rotor, stator and generator makes these unique selling propositions possible.

eCAPITAL invested in Turbina Energy AG via the eCAPITAL III Cleantech Fund in April 2014.


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