UltraSoC Technologies Ltd.

UltraSoC is a pioneering developer of analytics and monitoring technology at the heart of the systems-on-chip (SoCs) that power today’s electronic products. The company’s embedded analytics technology allows product designers to add advanced cybersecurity, functional safety and performance tuning features.

Today, the design complexity of SoCs is continually being pushed higher, as the market demands increased functionality, connectivity and richer feature sets in end-customer devices. This rise in complexity leads to difficulties in designing chips within product release schedules and, in fact, products are often shipped to customers with subtle bugs that negatively impact performance and security.

UltraSoC’s semiconductor intellectual property enables chip designers to easily and cost-effectively create complex SoCs (systems on chip) with built-in intelligence that continuously monitor and respond to actual behavior in real-time. Embedded analytics allows the chip to monitor and optimize its own behavior at a hardware level and deal with security threats or safety breaches.

UltraSoC’s analytics and monitoring is executed at the hardware level rather than in software. This leads to three major advantages: First, visibility of essentially every single data movement on a chip is achieved, second, the performance of the applications themselves is not affected, and third, the UltraSoC technology remains invisible to the malware itself.

“Customers are recognizing the strategic potential for UltraSoC's technology in implementing functional safety and cybersecurity features. As one of Europe’s leading venture capital investors in this sector, eCAPITAL will make a major contribution in helping us grasp these opportunities, which UltraSoC is uniquely equipped to address.“  - Rupert Baines, CEO UltraSoC

For more information visit: www.ultrasoc.com

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